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Ed Hopkins

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This is the home page for Ed Hopkins. I have now moved to the economics department in KBS at King’s College London.

My PhD is from the European University Institute, in Florence, Italy, where I returned as a Jean Monnet Fellow in 2001.  I have also been a visitor at the University of Pittsburgh, UC Santa Barbara, Caltech, GREQAM and UBC. See my full CV here.


I work in game theory and have four main interests. The first is applying game theory to social issues, with a particular focus on tournament models and their relation to inequality. The second is behavioural game theory, considering games between players with non-standard preferences and/or bounded rationality. The third is where I started off, evolutionary game theory, which looks at how play out of equilibrium changes over time. The fourth is experimental economics, where I am interested in testing any or all of the above in the lab.

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Ed Hopkins

Department of Economics


King’s College London

e-mail: ed.hopkins@kcl.ac.uk